Welcome to Razor Blades and More Co.

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We Razor Blades and More Co. would like to welcome you to our new site. At the moment we are currently working strongly in updating our inventory to provide you with the best source and prices. As you can tell from our name our main focus are blades both single edge and double edge for shaving. We hope to increase our product line beyond razor blades and razors, so please keep coming back to check out our new products.

If you are new to this site and want to order, go ahead and create an account. You can also place an order without making an account, although if you want to stay up to date and get discounts codes we encourage you to create an account. Do you want something that we do not have? Visit the contact section and inquire about the product you need there. We will try our best to find the products you need and offer those products in the future. We are the main distributors of 5 of our best selling razor blades online such as: Derby, Dorco Blades, Gillette Blades, Kai, Red Personna Blades and Treet. We hope to continue expand our success now in our main website. For now, we thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy your stay here at Razor Blades and More Co.


New Arrivals

Parker 24C Open Comb Safety Double Edge Razor
The Eclectic Gentleman Shaving Soap - Extreme Concentration
Parker Deluxe Leather Small Toiletry Bag
Parker 26C Open Comb Safety Double Edge Razor
Semogue 2013 Special Edition Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush
10 Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades
Parker A1R - 4 Piece Travel Safety Razor & Leather Case
RazoRock Captain’s Choice Artisan Soap - Bay Rum
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Blades)
Brut Attitude Aftershave Lotion 100ml
Layrite Super Hold Pomade 4oz Tub
Le Pere Lucien MILD Shaving Soap in Stainless Steel Bowl