10 Dorco ST300 Double Edge Blades

10 Dorco ST300 Double Edge Blades

Dorco ST300 Double Edge Blade 1 Pack of 10 blades

Smooth and Cost Effective

Great for wetshaving and barber shaving
Made in Korea

Price: $1.60
SKU: ST300-10
Weight: 1 oz
Average Rating: 
Average: 3 (3 votes)
Users Rating: 
Average: 3 (3 votes)



Nice smooth shave. Edge of the blade seems pretty smooth and comfortable. 3 shaves per blade.

This blade was by far the best one out of the Beginner sampler pack. I did research and found the ST-300 and ST-301 are just different packaging. I highly recommend these for new wet shave experienced people.

This was the only blade I've ever tried that I had to stop using before completing even half a shave. They seemed like an extreme economy, 3rd-world manufactured blade, as they were thicker than normal, did not seem to have any finish on them and were bare metal with no logo. They immediately left notcieably more stubble still on my face, the blade tugged at my skin and I got a cut on my cheek where I almost never, ever have cuts. It was the dullest, least close, least smooth shave I've experienced with a DE blade - I finished up the shave with a Schick Hydra 5 that had at least 20 shave on it and it was noticeably smoother and closer than the brand new Dorco. Seems like it was made in North Korea, not South Korea.

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