Advanced DE Blade Sampler Pack - 60 Blades

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Advanced DE Blade Sampler Pack - 60 Blades

This sampler pack is for those who have already a little more knowledge on their safety razor. If you want a bit more from the blades, this is for you.  I give you a variety of the popular models, so you can find your favorite blade.  The package is made out of 60 Blades.

  1. Astra Platinum Blades (10 Blades)
  2. Crystal or Blue Israeli IP (10 Loose Blades) 
  3. Dorco ST301   (10 Blades)
  4. Derby Vertical  (10 Blades)
  5. *Famous New Red Pack Personna (10 Blades)
  6. Feather Yellow Pack (10 Blades)
Price: $14.99
Weight: 3 oz
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